The Sterling Bookkeeping Team

The Sterling Bookkeeping Team

Bookkeeping Services

We offer a variety of services that can help you better manage your business and keep track of income and expenditures, thus helping to reduce your tax liability.

Financial Statements

We can help prepare many different financial reports, including the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, using monthly comparisons, analyzing percentages to gross income, cash flow and collection reports, etc. Most reports can be customized to your specific needs. You need to rely on your financial statements to help make management decisions to better run your business. Your financial statements should also be accurate and in the proper format for bank and investor reporting purposes.

Bank Account Reconciliations

We take your information and compare it to what the bank shows, making sure everything is balanced and recorded.

General Ledger

Enter all activity for a period of time, review what’s already in there, and make any necessary adjustments for proper coding and tax savings

Accounts Receivable services

Enter invoices to bill your customers/clients, track the aging of the receivables, and record the deposits against each invoice. We look for any discrepancies and help to manage your cash flow.

Bill Payments

Save time with us paying our bills, whether it’s online or by check


We can prepare all your invoices and either mail or e-mail them to your customers/clients. This helps to reduce your time in dealing with invoicing your customers/clients.


We can help track down and collect past due accounts on your behalf, reducing your administrative time.

Payroll Processing

We prepare payroll checks, either manually or electronically, including direct deposit, to save time and money from other payroll services. We can also electronically pay your payroll taxes and file your payroll reports. We can also calculate the payroll checks for you when you need to know the net checks per employee.

Payroll Taxes

We can file your quarterly and annual payroll reports, along with calculating and remitting the taxes on your behalf.

Sales Taxes—We take your information, generate the sales tax reports and file online.

QuickBooks©—We offer a variety of services to work with QuickBooks©. We are Certified QuickBooks© Pro Advisors, and we can review your QuickBooks© files for accuracy, making the necessary adjustments, and then return the file to you. We can also give you a review of your QuickBooks© file and suggest the changes to be made in order to reflect a true and accurate set of financial statements. We can help in all areas of the QuickBooks© program.

Budgeting & Forecasting

We can help you establish a budget for income and expenses and generate reports to reflect budget vs. actual items. This will help you make management decisions in a timely manner.

New Company Start-up

We can help advise you of all the steps needed to start up your business, including licensing requirements, applications for federal and state tax identification numbers, IRS and tax planning issues, along with identifying the right entity choice for your business.

IRS Letters

Got an IRS letter? No worries! Just scan/e-mail or fax us a copy, and we will deal with it in a timely manner to get the issues resolved and get them from being your pen pal. If you are late in filing your payroll returns, we can help prepare those and communicate with ISR and the related State agencies to minimize any penalties and interest charges.