Planning & Consulting

Business Valuations

We have an extensive background with helping people buy and sell businesses. If you’re the buyer, we help evaluate the seller’s documents and financial records so that you can make the best decision possible in acquiring the business. If you’re the seller, we help position you and your financial records so you get a fair price for your business.

Forensic Accounting

We work with many individuals and attorneys to review records, tracking income and expenditures, to help settle disputes between parties.

Changing Accounting Firms:

We normally work with your previous firm to make the transition as easy as possible. This typically results in little to no time from you so you can continue to operate as usual.

Succession Planning

When you start a business, it’s important to decide how and if you want to keep your business going when you are ready to either retire or change careers. This is part of your exit plan. We can help you decide what to do!